Practical Driving Test

Taking Your Driving Test

The UK practical driving test lasts around 40 minutes. It is designed to allow you to demonstrate your knowledge of the highway code and the theory of driving.

Your examiner will be looking for an overall standard of safe driving, consciousness of other road users, and also your ability to carry out the set exercises you would have practiced during your learning period.

Make sure you are ready

Here are some useful websites to help you get ready for your practical driving test:

Practical Driving Test Explained

Advanced Driving Forum

Information On Booking Your Practical Driving Test

Things to remember

You will be allowed up to 15 minor faults before you fail your practical driving test, However just one major fault will earn you an outright fail.

Whether you pass your test or not will depend largely on your nerves and how you deal with them. We encourage confidence with our approach and we put you up for your test because we believe you have the ability to pass.


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I found Mike a fantastic instructor with very good patients! thank you so much for helping me out, I’ll never forget how great you are!

Erin O'Neill

Absolutely fantastic from the get go … without question the best instructor you could wish for and absolutely down to earth … I wouldn’t recommend anybody else master of his craft going to miss the lessons thank you for all you have done for me along the way mag driving school 😁

Siy Ellerton

Very professional, and easygoing top bloke. good lessons from start to finish resulting in 1st time solid pass!! strongly recommend!

Chris Viner


In line with government advice, lessons will continue after 12th April.
You will be required to stand two metres away and confirm the following  uestions about your health:

  • Symptoms of Covid-19 – have you had it, been tested for it, and had results of the test?
  • Shielding – are you in a household of family members that are in the enhanced risk health categories?
  • Any health issues which may impact your ability to drive?
  • Do you have a continuous cough?
  • Do you have a fever or a high temperature?
  • You will be required to wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20-seconds before leaving the house and entering the car and you should wash your hands after your lesson
  • You will need to sanitise your hands again when entering the vehicle (you can use your own or we will supply)
  • All items, such as mobile phones and house keys will have to stay on you and not be left on the dashboard or put into door pockets.
  • Any bags you bring, for the onward journey, must go in the boot
  • Driving lessons can only be delivered in the driving school car (this may be the same for driving tests, but the DVSA has not confirmed this)


If you or anyone you are living with has any Symptoms you MUST cancel your driving lesson before your lesson start time. Once cancelled you will not be able to restart your lessons until you have been tested negative or follow the Government isolation recommendations (this is the same for the instructor).