Mike Cook

Sorry its late, But a big well done to Meg, Ashleigh, Callum and both Lewis’s

Well done and a merry xmas to all 5 students who passed recently.

Well done Ashleigh

Well done Callum

Well done Lewis

Well done Lewis

Well done Meg

5 More Great Passes

Another big well done to 5 more MAG Students who have passed there tests recently, well done to Cally, Liam, Eimer, George and a shy Katheryn.


George Withey “Fantastic driving instructor, makes sure you are fully ready before taking your test and overall just a generally nice and friendly person, would extremely recommend to others.”


Katheryn Taylor “Very patient instructor, would recommend Mag to anyone, thanks again Mike!!”


Cally Bick “An amazing instructor with bags of patience (needed it for me lol). Always felt relaxed and learnt so much, couldn’t recommend enough!”


Eimer Allot


Liam Kelly

Well done to three more students

A big well done to Charlotte, Sam and Jacob for 3 more brilliant passes, safe driving for the future, Mike

Well done Jacob

Well where do I start. Mike you must be one of the best instructors in the area very friendly and great to get along with, all the tips and trick you know really do work. Anyone wanting to start driving I would deffinatley recommend that you go with MAG.

Well done charlotte

Fantastic driving instructor absolutely brilliant ☺☺

Well done sam

Highly recommend mike great driving instructor wouldn’t have passed without his experienced training and skills

What a great couple of weeks

What a great couple of weeks, with three great passes, a big well done to Chris Moverley, Becca Keyworth and Charlotte Coleman.


Defiantly recommend! First time pass, very patient and friendly, thank you!


Honestly could not recommend Mike enough, patient, knowledgeable and has brilliant teaching methods. Breaks everything down and easy to understand, plus top drawer banter! I got a first time pass with only 3 minors!


Fantastic driving instructor, one of the best who lessons are relaxed and fun, would definitely recommended. Thank you Mike for all you taught me

And also got delivery of my new , top of the range DS3


Big Well Done To Joe Bairstow, Matt Hawkings and Ben Newell

A fantastic pass for Matt, Joe and Ben , all with great first time passes,

MAtt rated MAG 5 out of 5

MAtt rated MAG 5 out of 5

Joe Bairstow

Joe Bairstow

Ben Newell was happy with his first time pass

Ben Newell was happy with his first time pass

Another 2 great passes


Well done Beckii on a great pass

well done to both Becki Langton and Lauren Vickers for two great passes, wish you both safe driving for the future.

Well done Lauren on a great pass

Well done Lauren on a great pass

Well done ross and Andrew on 2 great passes

Well done to ross with only 2 minors and Andrew with only 1 minor, good luck for the future and safe driving


Well Done ross only 2 minors


Well done Andrew great pass only 1 minor

Well done Harlen and Luke

Congratulations to Harlen Loft and Luke Malton for passing there test with MAG Driving School, good luck in Norfolk Harlen and a great first time pass Luke.

Well done Harlen for passing with MAG, good luck in Norfolk

Well done Harlen for passing with MAG, good luck in Norfolk


Great first time pass Luke